Langstane Housing Aberdeen

About your rent

We are a non-profit distributing organisation which means that all money we raise is put into building homes, maintaining our properties and providing housing services to our tenants.  Every pound received in rent is spent on the day-to-day running of the Association.

This diagram shows what every pound of rent provides:

Setting your Rent

We increase our rents every year on the 1st July.

We try to keep our rents as affordable as possible. We are a non-profit distributing organisation, so we have no shareholders or bonuses to pay. All the money raised through rent goes back into building homes and providing housing services to our tenants.

Following consultation with our tenants, our increases are based on the rate of inflation (CPI) at the end of December each year.

An increase to a service charge is based upon the actual cost of providing the service and the contracts we have negotiated. Service charges do not increase in line with inflation and we will reduce these if we can.

The Scottish Government requires us to consult all tenants about the rent increase. We do the consultation in March every year. Our committee uses your responses to help make the final decision on the annual increase.

Following the consultation we have a duty to give you 4 weeks notice of any rent increase and we will send you a letter towards the end of June.

If you would like to discuss how your rent is set and what your services charges include please contact us on 01224 423000.