Langstane Housing Aberdeen

Scheme of Delegation

The Langstane Group Scheme of Delegation

It is important that it is clear who is responsible for making decisions.

The Scheme of Delegation sets out which decisions are made by the Board of Management and which are delegated to any Committees and members of the senior management team.

The following guiding principles apply:

  • Transparency and accountability – it should be clear where and how we make decisions
  • Business efficiency – decisions should be made at the appropriate level to make sure we are making prompt but well informed decisions
  • Empowerment – it is important that the Group’s decision making process fully includes the sub-committees and the Senior Management Team of the Association
  • Delegation – it is important that each service has a further set of actions which are delegated to the appropriate level of staff.
  • Review and amendment – the Scheme of Delegation will be revised no later than three years from approval

In addition to the Scheme of Delegation, the Financial Regulations and the Standing Orders set out the various rules and authorities controlling the Group’s activities.

The Group members have Rules and Codes of Conduct which set out the framework for the Association’s governance.

The Group’s plans, strategies and policies are approved by the relevant Board of Management and set out which activities undertaken by each member of the Group.

You can view the full Scheme of Delegation in the downloads menu.