Langstane Housing Aberdeen

Service Complaints

We want to know when you are unhappy with the service you receive from us. We investigate all complaints according to the Complaints Handling Procedure produced by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman. This means we have a strict timescale in which we have to resolve your complaint.

Stage 1 Complaints

In the last quarter you raised 49 Stage 1 complaints (those handled at the frontline within 5 working days). This is less than the number of Stage 1 complaints raised in the previous quarter. We upheld 62% of the complaints. We responded to 55% of the 49 Stage 1 complaints within the timescale. 













Stage 2 Complaints

In the same period you raised 9 Stage 2 complaints (those complaints assessed by a member of our Senior Management Team and resolved within 20 working days). We upheld 44% of those complaints and responded to 89% of them within time.












Customer Satisfaction

Some quotes from our customer feedback:

  • As remarked in a previous complaint, all new tenants should, at interview, be warned of the penalties for anti-social behaviour, or not complying with conditions of the tenancy agreement.                           
  • Resolving such complaints should be dependant upon the degree of anti-social behaviour, e.g. criminal damage or violence towards other tenants/visitors and should be actioned the next working day.
  • The complaint was handled in a professional manner in a reasonable amount of time.          

If you would like to give us feedback on your experience of our Complaints Service, please click here.