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Your Neighbourhood

When you report anti-social behaviour we take it very seriously. We work with tenants and with partners, such as Aberdeen City Council's Anti-Social Behaviour Investigation Team, to find a solution to the problem. We only take legal action as a last resort.

You reported 165 cases of anti-social behaviour to us in the last quarter. We have to resolve these cases within agreed timescales. We resolved 107 cases within the period. These cases cover all types of anti-social behaviour, from minor complaints to major incidents.










Staff absences had an effect on our performance in the last quarter.

Customer Satisfaction

Some quotes from our customer feedback:

  • Thank you for trying and taking my complaint seriously much appreciated.                              
  • Would be helpful to have a follow up phone call instead of a feedback form.
  • You did all you could to resolve this matter or tried to.           

If you would like to give us feedback on your experience of our Neighbourhood Complaints Service, please click here.