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Langstane Housing Association evicts Aberdeenshire woman for dog fouling 17/03/17

Langstane Housing Association has evicted an Aberdeenshire woman for persistently allowing her dogs to foul the common areas of the development.

The Association first received complaints from neighbours shortly after the tenant moved into her address.  Following investigations, permission to keep her pets was withdrawn.

Despite being given a reasonable opportunity to find an alternative home for her pets the tenant refused to do so. 

Helen Gauld, Chief Executive of Langstane Housing Association said “The Association recognises that owning a pet can have a beneficial effect on the physical health and social wellbeing of our tenants.  However during our recent customer satisfaction survey dog fouling was highlighted as a major antisocial behaviour issue for our tenants.  We encourage responsible dog ownership and will work with individuals where there may be issues with their pets but if they repeatedly refuse to clean up after their dog then we will have no other option than to take action against their tenancy”.