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Our full tenant survey is on the way! 08/10/18

We will very soon be sending out our full Tenant Satisfaction Survey which we complete every three years. 

Take part in our survey, and you could win one of four fabulous prizes!






Why are Langstane doing this survey?

Every three years we ask all our tenants their views on our services. Some of the answers are reported to the Scottish Housing Regulator. They monitor performance of every social landlord in Scotland to ensure they deliver good quality services that are value for money.

When is it happening?

The survey will be sent out to all tenants in the middle of October, with a return date of Friday 16 November. We’ll send the survey by email, or in the post if we don’t have your email address.

Who is doing the survey?

Research Resource, an independent research company. This ensures that that all answers are anonymous. We will not be able to identify any individual when we get the survey results back from Research Resource.

How will Langstane use the results?

By completing the questionnaire you will be helping us improve services. If you want to make sure that we focus on what you want, it is important that you take this chance to tell us what you think. 




What has happened since the last survey in 2016?

Customer service

We developed our Customer Charter with our tenants. It sets standards staff work to when providing services. We’ll be checking in the survey how we have been doing against some of these standards.

Our rent management team is trained up so to use the housing portal on the Department of Work and Pensions. This means we can help with Universal Credit claims, and speed the claims process up.

We have introduced two computers in reception with free internet access to help our tenants and housing applicants get online access to services

Getting customers involved

We have worked hard to offer a range of options to tenants to make it easy to get involved in the decisions we make. Right now, around 20% of our tenants are on our Register of Interested Tenants, Tenant Panel and our Reader Panel.

In 2016, we were Tenant Participation Champions at a national award ceremony. Even better, one of our very own tenants Ronnie Boyle won a Tenant Champion award recognizing his excellent contribution!

Value for money

This year, we are reviewing how rent and service charges are structured to make sure they are simple to understand and are as affordable as possible.

Quality standards are very high for social housing. We are 18 properties away from all our properties meeting the Scottish Housing Quality Standard. These 18 will have new heating systems during 2018-19.

We are well on track to achieve all our properties reaching the new Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EEESH) – we have around 200 properties left that have to reach the standard by March 2020.