Board of Management

Board of Management

Langstane Housing Association is governed by a voluntary Board of Management elected from within it's membership at the annual general meeting.

A lifetime membership costs £1 for tenants and others who uphold the objectives and values of the Association.  These are detailed in the Association’s Rules and Business Plan.  Once a member, you can:

•    Attend Annual General Meetings;
•    Stand for election to the Board of Management; and
•    Vote in the election of the Board of Management (but not for yourself).

To be involved in the Association’s decision making, you do not have to be a member of the Board of Management. However, to find out more about being a Board Member or other ways in which you can contribute, please contact us on 01224 423000 or email us on You can also read our Membership Policy in the downloads section.

To assist with business decisions there is the Board of Management and an Audit Committee.










The Board has overall responsibility for decision making and approves all the Association’s policies and corporate documents.  It also makes decisions on things such as any rent increase. 

Audit Committee is responsible for making sure the information and assumptions made by the Association are accurate.  Audit Committee works closely with the Association’s auditors, external and internal, to ensure staff follow agreed policies, and monitor the implementation of any required improvements.

The following are the current Board of Management Members.

James Knowles:  Chairperson

James Knowles, prior to ‘retirement’ in 2010, held the post of Head of Economic Development with Aberdeenshire Council.  He brought with him considerable knowledge of business from many sectors, and was involved in funding numerous projects.  James currently holds a number of voluntary positions, supporting  community projects and organisations and continues to be a business mentor for a number of businesses and individuals.  James joined Langstane’s Board in 2013.

John Fraser: Vice Chairperson

John is a semi-retired, self employed Chartered Surveyor, having been a partner in one of Aberdeen’s leading practices for many years.  During John’s career, he has been involved in social housing in many forms before joining Langstane’s Board in 2011, bringing with him a detailed understanding of the development and regulatory framework.

Jenny Greener: Treasurer

Jenny joined the Langstane Board of Management on 21 March 2017. Formerly an academic researcher and lecturer with a degree in sociology and a masters in public health, Jenny was a non-executive member of NHS Grampian board for three years. She has been a board member of Houseability since 1999, dedicated to helping people with disability to find a suitable home. She is the chair of Aberdeenshire Central Access Panel. Her adult daughter has a learning difficulty, and so Jenny has had personal experience of issues facing such people, particularly in accessing appropriate housing and care.

Kevin Hutchens: Convenor of the Audit Committee

Kevin has been on Langstane’s Board since 1996.  Prior to retiring Kevin worked as a Social Worker specialising in Community Development with Aberdeenshire Council.  As a tenant of the Association, Kevin brings with him a strong understanding of the challenges faced by Social Housing providers and also a customer perspective.

Charlie Lynch

Charlie retired from service with Aberdeen City Council where he worked for many years in the Homelessness Unit.  Charlie brings with him a great deal of experience and depth of knowledge regarding Homelessness Legislation and other housing issues. Charlie joined Langstane’s Board in 2013.

Other Board Members

Ian Jamieson

Ian holds a senior position with a locally based organisation that is involved in international activities within the construction industry.  A Quantity Surveyor, Ian has extensive experience including alternative construction methods.  Ian joined Langstane’s Board in January 2016.

Suzanne Stephenson 

Sue currently holds a senior financial position with a local community facility that has grown from strength to strength.  A new Board Member from January 2016, Sue brings with her extensive business experience balanced with a significant desire to see social housing, and its services, delivered to the highest possible standards.

Roy Stewart

Roy joined the Langstane Board of Management on 24 April 2017. Roy graduated as an architect and worked within the City Architects Department of Aberdeen City Council for a number of years working on a variety of social housing and civic projects. Over the years, Roy became more involved in media related projects, producing a number of broadcast television documentary programmes on various aspects of Aberdeen’s and north-east Scotland’s architectural history. Roy now offers a variety of media training and corporate video production services

Helen Gauld: Company Secretary

Helen Gauld, Chief Executive of Langstane Housing Association also holds the position of Company Secretary.