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Grampian Opportunities

Grampian Opportunities aims to promote employability develop enterprise and open up employment, volunteering and learning opportunities for disabled people and people with mental health problems. 

Their approach is to support the development of relationships and encourage people to be actively involved in their community.

Grampian Opportunities recognises that not everyone is able or wants to be in paid employment but almost all want to “work” - to be engaged in some kind of valued activity that uses their skills and facilitates social inclusion.

Their main activities are:

  • Providing information and helping people make connections in their community.
  • Supporting a range of wellbeing activities (eg craft group and seated exercise group, discussion groups)
  • Delivering a range of learning programmes, including a life skills group is known as GO Dynamix. 
  • Coordinating employability programmes including a GO to Work Club and an Enterprise group.
  • Supporting a range of volunteering opportunities, where people can contribute their skills

The Association provides office accommodation to Grampian Opportunities to enable it to provide local services in a cost effective manner.