Langstane Housing Aberdeen

Langstane and WorkingRite

Langstane is working in partnership with WorkingRite to provide practical experience in the workplace for young people looking to move into work.  We were keen to work with WorkingRite to encourage the contractors we use to give young people more opportunities in the workplace.

The WorkingRite project was set up in 2010 with funding from the Scottish Government's Wider Role fund and Skills Development Scotland.  The project started in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire but extended to Moray in 2012.  Two years further funding was awarded from the Scottish Government's People and Communities Fund in 2013.

Langstane is used as a base for the project to find employers willing to provide work based placements.  Employers act as mentors to the trainees while WorkingRite Project Co-ordinators provide support to both trainees and employers.  This one-to-one approach provides the trainee with an excellent work experience and life skills that help young people grow into mature, employable job ready adults.

The Project Co-ordinators work hard to set up a true working partnership between the trainee and the employer.  It is all about learning on the job - not a course in a classroom somewhere, where the young person is surrounded by their peers - but on site, with workmates who can pass on invaluable life lessons to the trainees.

Employers and trainees benefit with WorkingRite.  Employers get a keen young person ready to work on a short-term contract and hassle free recruitment.  Trainees get practical on the job training, hands on work experience an opportunity to learn new skills and to be treated as one of the workforce.

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