Langstane Housing Aberdeen


SACRO (Safeguarding Communities and Reducing Offending)

Langstane Housing Association supports SACRO to provide two invaluable residential services in Elgin by providing grouped accommodation.  

The first is Moray Young Persons’ Supported Accommodation which provides advice and support to vulnerable young people between the ages of 16 and 24.  The service enables significantly vulnerable young people who do not have a fixed abode, to successfully maintain their own accommodation in their community by helping them gain independent living skills and learn how to maintain a home.  There are six properties provided to assist this service succeed, one of which is used as office accommodation.

The second service helps people to move on to successful independent living. It enhances social work supervision of offenders in the community by providing monitoring, supervision (intensive supervision in cases of high risk offenders) and support in a range of accommodation types. 

SACRO’s Supported Accommodation Service provides advice, support and assistance in order to help individuals over the age of 16 (who are committed to making changes in their life in order to stop offending behaviour), acquire the practical and social skills required for independent living.  This service is administered from Langstane’s Guildry House which provides five flats and office accommodation to the project.