Planned maintenance

Planned maintenance

Kitchen and bathroom replacements

Our major repairs and improvements are planned ahead and include work to meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS – see below for more information).  Typically, our planned maintenance work includes:

  • Kitchen replacement        Every 20 years
  • Bathroom replacement        Every 30 years
  • Redecoration of common areas    On a 7 year cycle

If your home is part of a planned maintenance programme we will write to you in plenty of time before the works are due to start. We will ask your permission to carry out a detailed survey in your home to finalise what work needs to be done.

We will also introduce the contractor who will carry out the works for us and the Langstane Property Services Officer responsible for managing the works.

To find out if works are planned for your area, please see our Major Repairs Programme 2016-2017 in the downloads menu or contact us on 01224 423000. 

Decoration programme

We will be rolling out our 6 year programme of external decoration to nearly 500 units. We will also be painting the internal stairwells and communal areas. 

Please return your Satisfaction Survey at the end of the works. We need your feedback on things such as workmanship and colour choice to help us plan future programmes.

Gas servicing

We are required by law to service all gas appliances every year.  The service checks the property’s boiler and gas appliances, along with the carbon monoxide detectors in the property.

It is very important that the annual service of your gas heating system is carried out when it is due.  If you do not arrange an appointment when you are contacted we will enter your property using the master key to make sure the work is done. We will advise you of the date we intend to do this and you will be charged for use of the master key.

If you have fitted an extra lock to your door and have not given a copy of the key to Langstane for emergency use, we will force entry to the property and you will be charged for the cost of reinstating the door.

Scottish Housing Quality Standard

Scottish Government is responsible for setting policies on the quality of your Langstane property. The Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS) is the main measure of housing quality and is used to establish whether properties reach the minimum standard. We have until April 2015 to bring your home up to the Standard.

The SHQS states that your property must:

  • meet the Tolerable Standard (i.e. the basic legal minimum standard)
  • be free from serious disrepair
  • be energy efficient
  • have modern facilities and services
  • be healthy, safe and secure

For more information on SHQS, please follow the link below.