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There are many reasons why people do not have access to a bank account they can use.  It may be that they use a post office account or there is no local branch in their area.  However, there is another way of managing money. Credit Unions work just like a bank but without the charges, fees and penalties. They can help people whatever their circumstances, credit record or financial history.  

Credit unions offer a wide range of services for their members including:

•    Adult and junior savings accounts
•    Christmas savings accounts
•    Regular savings from as little as £1 per week
•    Local collection points
•    Low cost loans at around 1% interest a month
•    Short term pay day loans 
•    No charges or penalties
•    White goods deal
•    CredECard.  

CredECard is a pre-paid visa debit card that requires no credit check and works just like a bank card.  Credit Union members can:

  • Have their wages or benefits paid directly onto the card
  • Earn cash-back at certain retailers
  • Pay in cash at paypoint outlets
  • Budget with the envelope facility
  • Use the card in the shops and online
  • Pay bills by standing order including rent
  • Withdraw cash at an ATM (there may be a cost associated with this card)

If you would like more information please give us a call.  You can contact a member of the Langstane Housing Support Service team on 01224 423000 or email us at

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