Langstane Housing Aberdeen

Equality and Diversity

At Langstane, we recognise that equality is not always about treating everyone the same, but about recognising difference and treating people accordingly, so that the outcome for each person is the same.

The Langstane Group is committed to providing accessible and responsive high quality services.  See our Equality and Diversity Strategy for more information.

Our accessible services

Help to access online services

In order to ensure our customers can access services such as online housing applications or online applications for financial assistance, we have made computer terminals with free internet access available in our accessible reception area.  Staff are available on a walk-in or appointment basis if customers need help to complete these important online forms.  If our customers are unable to come into our Aberdeen office, telephone appointments and home visits are available.

Help to live independently in your own home

We want to help as many tenants as possible live independently in their own homes for as long as they want to.  We provide a self-referral minor adaptations scheme for adaptations that are small, cost effective alterations or pieces of equiptment that can immediately promote wellbeing and reduce the risk of a disabled person suffering an accident in their own home.  We accept referrals for the following adaptations directly from tenants, or from family, carers, GPs or Langstane staff members on behalf of tenants: 

  • Internal or external grab rails
  • Changes to taps or doorhandles
  • Changes to door entry systems, for instance additional handsets
  • Additional sockets or altering the height of sockets
  • Lowered threshold doors

The costs for self-referred minor adaptations will be covered by our Asset Management budget and dealt with as requested until the budget has been exhausted.  Once the budget has been exhausted, a waiting list will be implemented.

For more information, or for information on more substantial adaptations, please see our Aids and Adaptations Policy.