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Model Lodging House Cubicle Mock up 13/09/18

Langstane Housing Association’s roots came from the lodging houses of the 60s and 70s. The lodging houses and night shelters were the only refuge many people had if they had fell on hard times. These were often places of last resort with conditions less than satisfactory.

Those who used the lodging house facilities were stigmatised as problematic, alcoholic or suffering from a mental illness. This was, in many cases, not the case as many people had simply lost employment; some were ex-forces or had simply suffered a family break down but had no other family to help.

Langstane was set up to provide not only secure, safe accommodation but the necessary support some needed to turn their lives around and live independently.

To celebrate Scottish Housing Day on Wednesday, 19 September 2018, a lodging house cubicle was mocked-up in Langstane’s reception area at 680 King Street, Aberdeen. This gave those who visited the office an insight into the unacceptable conditions of the day. The cubicles were tiny – 5ft high x 4ft wide x 6ft long and the facilities scant – a camp bed and mattress and allowed people to see for themselves how many people had to live some 40 years ago.