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Alternatives to ‘Over The Counter’ Payment Collection 18/03/20

Due to the unprecedented coronavirus situation we realise you may not be able to pay your rent over the counter - please click here for more information on alternative ways to pay your rent during this time

Coronavirus is causing unprecedented disruption to society with precautionary measures already affecting people’s normal movements.  Although Allpay do not foresee major interruptions to the Post Office or PayPoint service, many customers who make payments “over the counter” will now be advised or reluctant to visit these outlets.  Allpay therefore want to remind everyone of alternative allpay payment collection options that could be used.
Direct Debits can now be set up to help those of you who currently pay at the Post Office or PayPoint, with payment options being available for any day and at a frequency to suit your needs: weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc.
Alternatives payment options can be seen below:

  • Internet payments – you can make secure online payments at any time by clicking here using your Payment Reference Number (PRN) from your swipe card or barcode and your bank card.
  • Telephone payments (call 0844 557 8321) – for those of you who do not like to make online payments, there is a simple automated telephone system which takes you through every step of the payment process.  You will need your Payment Reference Number when you set this up.  
  • Mobile APP – the app is available on both Apple and Android devices and this secure app can easily be set up with a bank card to make payments on a regular basis after a simple registration.  Click here to access the app.
  • Text payments – even without a smartphone you can register and make payments after a brief registration online.  Click here to register for text payments.

Please see below guidance material to help you make your payments: