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First virtual Board of Management AGM held September 2020 28/10/20

Langstane Housing Association Limited held its first virtual Annual General Meeting in September 2020.  Immediately prior to the AGM, was the Special General Meeting at which Members voted unanimously in favour of the proposed Rule changes.

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The Association’s Chairperson, J Knowles, reflected on the challenges over the last two years, namely the Association’s higher regulatory engagement with the Scottish Housing Regulator and more recently, the Covid-19 pandemic.   Both challenges had been met face on, with hard work, determination, and resilience.    

Board members Jenny Greener and Jamie Drummond were re-elected and the Board bade a fond farewell to two of its long serving members.    

Standing down after eight years service was Charlie Lynch (pictured below).  During his time with Langstane, Charlie was Convener of the Joint Audit and Financial Management Committee, Director of Stockethill Homes Limited and Chairperson of Langstane Property Limited both subsidiaries of the Langstane Group.  Although leaving the Board and looking forward to travels to warmer climes, the Association is delighted Charlie will continue as Chairperson of Langstane Property Limited.

Charlie’s experience and depth of knowledge on a broad range of housing issues, particularly homelessness will be greatly missed by the Board. 








Standing down after 24 years of dedicated service was Kevin Hutchens (pictured below).  Kevin will use his time to pursue his many other interests and indeed his love of the countryside will see him work with the Cairngorms National Park Authority as a member of its Equality Advisory Forum.

Kevin has been a tenant and member of the Association since taking up his tenancy in 1996.  Although he will be leaving the Board of Management, he will continue to be involved in the Association championing, as he has done for the last 24 years, causes which directly affect tenants.

During his time on the Board of Management, Kevin was Convener of the Tenants Services Sub-committee, the Operational Services Committee and latterly the Joint Audit and Financial Management Committee. He also represented the Association on a number of occasions at tenant forums and at the Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations annual event “The Gathering” where he raised the profile of the Association particularly in respect of it long history of housing and support to single vulnerable people in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray.







In his address to Members, J Knowles highlighted that key to the Association understanding tenant’s needs and priorities is their contribution to the decision making process.  By continuing to support the Association Kevin will be keen to encourage tenants to make their voice count by becoming a member of the Association and for those interested in a bigger commitment consider becoming a member of the Board of Management.  Being a tenant Board member is an opportunity to provide the governing body with a unique perspective on the discussions and have an impact on the final decisions made.  

The Chair, on behalf of current and former Board members and senior officers, thanked both Kevin and Charlie for their valuable contribution, their commitment and support of the ethos and values of the Association.  Both would be greatly missed and leave the Association with very best wishes for the future.