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Langstane Housing Association introduces Electric Vehicle Charging Points 06/09/18

Langstane Housing Association successfully gained grant funding to provide an electrical vehicle charging point at its Aberdeen base. 

The funding, provided by Energy Savings Trust, allows Langstane tenants and others to take advantage of much lower vehicle running costs as they use the charging point at the Association’s headquarters, 680 King Street, Aberdeen.  Two vehicles can be charged at any one time.

Langstane Housing Association Chief Executive, Helen Gauld, said “Langstane aims to work in partnership with others to address key challenges to the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of our local communities.

We understand we need to play our part in helping to improve the local environment and we are looking closely at what we can do to make sure we choose environmentally friendly options. The installation of the charging point is one step in the right direction for us”.

There are numerous charging points around Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire. For more information, visit the Zap Map website.