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Serious Fire in Aberdeenshire scheme 31/03/17

There has been a serious fire in one of the Association’s tenement blocks in Aberdeenshire. 

A mattress and bedframe that had been left in the communal landing were deliberately set alight.

Fortunately all the residents were safely evacuated by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and there was no fire damage to their properties.  However there was significant damage to the communal landing area of the block and Police Scotland are treating the incident as wilful fire raising. 

It is important that tenants understand the risks involved in storing items in the communal areas. As well as posing a fire risk, even small items can prove to be a trip hazard in a smoke filled landing.

It is a condition of the tenancy agreement that no property may be stored in the communal areas. This includes bicycles, motorcycles or prams.  Persistently storing items in the communal areas and putting others at risk may lead to the Association taking action against a tenancy.

We ask our tenants to act responsibly and make sure that they do not store anything in the communal landing.

For fire safety advice please visit the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service website.