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Update from ALLPAY on their Internet Payments 25/04/19

Allpay are delighted to announce that from Tuesday 23rd April their Internet Payments website will be fully mobile ready, giving customers a better experience when paying their bills via mobile devices. will continue to be as fast, safe and easy to use as before, with the added convenience of fitting perfectly to whatever device customers are using.

Rest assured that customers will not be asked to supply any more data or go through any re-registration process.

The URL will remain as so any web links from websites, or bookmarks that customers have saved, will work just as they did before.

This update allows Landlords to keep pace with the trend of customers to increasingly use mobile phones and tablets, rather than traditional desktops.

It is part of Allpays ongoing commitment to improve their payment products suite offering secure, convenient and easy to use products.

Here's a sneaky peek of what it will look like:















Allpay will shortly be adding a notice to their website so that customers are informed of the upcoming change.