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Vehicle security 16/02/21

Please click to read advice from Police Scotland on keeping your vehicles safe.

Following a number of recent thefts from insecure vehicles, Police Scotland are reminding vehicle owners to follow these simple steps when leaving your vehicle:

  • Never leave items on show as an invitation – Mobile phones, electronic equipment, coins, sunglasses, tools, clothing, bags and any other valuables should be removed from the vehicle or placed in the boot.
  • Keys and ignition fobs should be kept safe and out of sight and reach – a common way to steal a car or van is to take the keys or ignition fob, either when left in the vehicle or from your home.
  • Always lock and close the windows of your vehicle when unattended – on the drive, the petrol station forecourt or when parking, an unlocked vehicle is the easiest to steal or steal from.
  • Double check: Don’t just listen out for the sound of your doors locking, check for your lights flashing and/or mirrors closing. Better still, check the door handle!

If you have time-critical information regarding the content of the above message, or if you wish to report any other non-urgent matter, please call 101.  In an emergency, call 999.