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Vehicle Security and Crime Prevention 21/07/21

Following recent incidents in a variety of our rural communities where person/s have entered insecure vehicles and stolen items from within, and in some circumstances stolen the vehicle, Police Scotland are urging members of the public to remain vigilant around securing vehicles.

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Remove or conceal all valuables that may be on display in your vehicle. Where possible, park up in a well-lit area which has surveillance from occupied properties. Please remember to lock the vehicle and keep the keys in a safe and secure place within your household that cannot be seen from doorways or windows. If the key is a ‘smart’ or passive key (contactless) please ensure that it is stored in a Faraday Pouch or signal blocking container kept in a safe and secure place away from windows and doors.  
Vehicles that are not fitted with an electronic ignition immobiliser, can be secured with a steering lock or pedal clamp.
The same principal applies to agricultural vehicles and plant, in addition, consider the use of hydraulic locks for plant / Agricultural equipment, or Block Stem locks which are fitted to exposed steering rams. These vehicles should be registered with the CESAR scheme and where appropriate a tracking device fitted.
Theft of quad bikes and lightweight utility vehicles has also increased. When not in use these should be parked up where they can be easily observed from occupied premises, the keys removed and immobilised as best as possible. These should also be registered in the CESAR scheme and where appropriate a tracking device can be installed.