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Watch out for Rogue Traders 02/02/21

Please be aware of Rogue Traders operating in your area.

Door-to-door scams involve criminals knocking on your door and unexpectedly offering products or services. Fraudsters convince you to pay for goods or work which is often overpriced, of poor quality or is never carried out. In many cases the work isn’t even necessary. They may use intimidation and pressure you to make quick decisions so that you agree to their demands.

Please click for information on how to protect yourself.

How to protect yourself:

  • Always check their identity. If you are not happy do not let them into your house under any circumstances.
  • Never leave your front door open / unlocked and unattended so a second individual can’t enter without your knowledge.
  • Take time to consider your options and research costs from other providers. If in doubt contact your local Trading Standards office.
  • If you feel pressured have the confidence to say NO.

If you wish to report any other non-urgent matter, please call 101.  In an emergency, call 999.