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Langstane Housing Association Board of Management

Elected from its membership at the Annual General Meeting, Langstane Housing Association’s Board of Management consists of a dedicated group of volunteers who, without payment, give their time, experience and professional skills to lead on and set the strategic direction for Langstane Housing Association and its subsidiary companies (known as the Langstane Group). 

The Board ensures staff deliver the Association’s business plan objectives to achieve better outcomes for its tenants and other customers.  They also set and monitor the standards for service delivery and performance across all its activities; and control Langstane’s affairs, ensuring compliance with the Scottish Housing Regulator’s Regulatory Standards and the standards required by all of the Association’s regulatory bodies.

Langstane Housing Association’s Board is the main decision making body for the Association.  Board members review reports prepared by senior staff and take into account feedback from tenants and other customers when making their decisions.  They also take into account the potential impact any decision they make will have on tenants and others.  This includes feedback on any consultations held, taking into account affordability levels when setting annual budgets and determining the Association’s risk appetite and risks to the Association and its tenants.

Joint Audit and Governance Committee

This Committee assists the Board of Management / Committee of Management for each organisation within the Langstane Group to meet its responsibilities in relation to risk management, internal control, governance, business improvement, external and internal audit functions and associated assurance through a process of constructive and appropriate challenge.

The joint Audit and Governance Committee oversees the activities of the Langstane Group’s auditors (internal and external) and makes recommendations to the relevant Board of Management / Management Committee.

Resource Committee

This Committee assists the Board meet its strategic responsibilities in relation to human resource and Board membership activities.   This includes approving strategic and policy documents in relation to the human resource function and board recruitment, reviewing the general terms and conditions available to all staff and approving any changes, reviewing human resource related documentation / processes and recommend ways in which improvements can be made and overseeing the training and development plans for Langstane Housing Association, including those for the Board of Management and staff. 

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets annually to approve the Budget and consultation material for Langstane Housing Association and Langstane Property Limited.   When reaching any decision, the Committee ensures sufficient resources are available to Langstane Housing Association and its subsidiary companies, to carry out its statutory duties and to ensure all health and safety requirements are met.

Langstane Property Limited

Langstane Property Limited is a private limited company set up for the purpose of leasing tenancies at mid market rent.  The Committee of Management ensures its business activities are consistent with, and contribute to, the purpose and objectives of its parent organisation, Langstane Housing Association and to ensure agreed performance standards are met.

Although Langstane Property’s Board approve a limited number of policies related to mid market rental activities, many strategic and policy documents are joint.  This means the strategy or policy applies to Langstane Housing Association and its subsidiary companies.

The following are the current Board of Management Members.

James Knowles:  Chairperson

James Knowles, prior to ‘retirement’ in 2010, held the post of Head of Economic Development with Aberdeenshire Council.  He brought with him considerable knowledge of business from many sectors, and was involved in funding numerous projects.  James currently holds a number of voluntary positions, supporting  community projects and organisations and continues to be a business mentor for a number of businesses and individuals.  James joined Langstane’s Board in 2013.

John Fraser: Vice Chairperson

John is a semi-retired, self employed Chartered Surveyor, having been a partner in one of Aberdeen’s leading practices for many years.  During John’s career, he has been involved in social housing in many forms before joining Langstane’s Board in 2011, bringing with him a detailed understanding of the development and regulatory framework.

Jenny Greener: Treasurer

Jenny joined the Langstane Board of Management on 21 March 2017. Formerly an academic researcher and lecturer with a degree in sociology and a masters in public health, Jenny was a non-executive member of NHS Grampian board for three years. She has been a board member of Houseability since 1999, dedicated to helping people with disability to find a suitable home. She is the chair of Aberdeenshire Central Access Panel. Her adult daughter has a learning difficulty, and so Jenny has had personal experience of issues facing such people, particularly in accessing appropriate housing and care.

Other Board Members

Ian Jamieson

Ian holds a senior position with a locally based organisation that is involved in international activities within the construction industry.  A Quantity Surveyor, Ian has extensive experience including alternative construction methods.  Ian joined Langstane’s Board in January 2016.

Jamie Drummond

Jamie joined the Board of Management in April 2019.  Jamie is the global Director of Assurance at PKF, one of the top 15 largest international audit and tax networks in the world.  With over 25 years as a Chartered Accountant, including 20 years working with both PwC and KPMG in various locations in the UK and overseas, Jamie brings with him a broad range of experience in audit, accounting and business development.

Kieran McIntosh

Kieran was co-opted to the Board of Management in April 2019 and elected a full member at the Annual General Meeting in September 2019. Kieran is a corporate finance analyst for one of the leading accounting practices in the north east of Scotland and UK and brings experience and expertise in design, build  and review of financial models.

Anne Stevenson

Anne joined the Board of Management in September 2019, after a distinguished career in academia which spanned 29 years.  She has extensive knowledge of Human Resource Management, health and safety and business continuity management.   Although retired from academia, Anne continues to use her skills and knowledge to help others.

Jack Marshall: Convener of the Joint Audit and Governance Committee

Jack joined Langstane’s Board as a co-optee in January 2019 and became a member in September 2019.  Previously holding the position of Director of Finance for a large housing association in Scotland, Jack holds a number of non-executive Board positions and, on occasion, acts as a statutory appointee for the Scottish Housing Regulator. 

Mike Martin

Mike joined Langstane’s Board as a co-optee in January 2019 and became a member in September 2019.  He is currently chairperson of Hanover Housing Association having previously been Chair of the Joint Improvement Team (JIT) and Director of Housing & Social Work for Moray Council.

Gillian Urquhart

Gillian joined the Board of Management in February 2021.  Gillian is currently the head of safety and sustainability for the upstream division of a large-international energy company.  Gillian brings experience of risk management, safety and regulatory compliance to the Board. 

Ahashan Habib

Ahashan joined the Board of Management in March 2021.  Currently working as a charity manager, well connected with the diverse communities, promoting equality & diversity to bring racial harmony in the North East Scotland region.

Mike Keith

Mike joined the Board of Management in February 2021. Mike is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, and retired in April 2019 after more than 30 years in the Construction industry. Most of that time was with Morrison Construction, where he held several senior finance positions, mainly as Finance Director and also was Managing Director of their Building business in Scotland for a period of 4 years.

Lynne Macfarlan: Company Secretary

Lynne Macfarlan, Director of Finance and Corporate Services of Langstane Housing Association, holds the position of Company Secretary. Helen Gauld, Chief Executive of Langstane Housing Association, holds the position of Depute Company Secretary.