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Gas and Electricity

Gas and electricity

When you move into a new home, you should register with an electricity and gas supplier (if there is a gas supply) if this is not part of your rent.  Some private landlords do include Gas and Electric charges in your rent but you must make sure you have this information.

You should also:

  • Take a note of the meter readings and the meter number on both the electric and gas meters
  • If the property has a ‘pay as you go’ meter for the gas and/or electricity, ask the provider to re-set the meter to zero before you put in any money or you might find yourself repaying the debt of the previous tenant.
  • Find out who supplied electricity and gas to the previous tenant/owner by checking any paperwork left by them, or by telephoning: Scottish Power on 0800 027 0072 from a landline or0345 270 0700 from a mobile.
  • Choose a supplier that offers the best deal and set up an account with them.

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