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Housing Associations

Housing associations, also called Registered Social Landlords (RSLs), offer houses for rent at lower cost than the Private Market.

Houses are allocated on a priority basis. Waiting times can be very long and you may never be allocated a property. Properties are generally provided unfurnished.

There are nine housing associations and co-operatives in total in the Grampian area:

Some of these housing associations provide information and advice in other languages or can use a translation and interpreting service if required. If you need help with the form.

When you apply

When you apply for a house you can get information on how your application is assessed. It is important to understand how the system works before filling in your application.

If you, or anybody to be housed with you, have health issues which are made worse by your present housing situation, you can also complete a medical priority claim form.

How your application is given priority

Your housing application is assessed and the landlords will decide on your priority on their individual application lists. This is to make sure that the people in most need are housed the soonest.

Many people apply for housing through councils, housing associations and co-operatives. The greater your housing need, the greater chance there is of being offered a house.

Your application may be given a high priority if:

  • You are homeless or are facing homelessness
  • You are on a low household income in relation to the rent you are paying for your present property
  • You are living in a very overcrowded situation
  • You don't have a kitchen, bathroom, living room, or hot and cold water for your own use.

Once you have filled in the application forms, make sure you let all the organisations know if you change your address or your phone number; or any other changes to your application.

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