Freedom of Information

From 11 November 2019 the Association is subject to Freedom of Information regulations for specific types of information. This is information relating to 'housing services' as defined in section 165 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2010. These services are:

    • the prevention and alleviation of homelessness
    • the management of social housing accommodation 
    • the provision and management of sites for gypsies and travelers; and
    • the supply of information to the Scottish Housing Regulator about the Association or a connected body such as a subsidiary in relation to financial wellbeing and standards of governance.

    The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 requires that all registered social landlords in Scotland produce and maintain a publication scheme. This details all of the key information that we publish and how you can access it. Our 'Guide to Information' is our publication scheme. It contains links to where you can access information listed online.

    Langstane Housing Association Ltd has adopted the Scottish Information Commissioner’s Model Publication Scheme (MPS), and this Guide to Information has been approved by the Scottish Information Commissioner (SIC).

    How do I request information?

    There is great advice available about your Freedom of Information rights on the Scottish Information Commissioner's website. If you want to make a request, here are the basic requirements:

    • The request must be in writing or in another format such as a recording or video that can be easily stored for future reference
    • The request must provide the name and address of the requester, and an address for correspondence
    • The request must clearly describe the information required
    How do I make a request to Langstane Housing Association?

    The best way to make a request to us for information is to send an email to

    If you want to ask for some advice before you make a request, call our offices on 01224 423000. One of our team will offer you advice and assistance.

    How will Langstane Housing handle my request?

    We help anyone who wants to make a request for information. All requests must be dealt with as soon as possible, and in any case within 20 working days. We can ask for more details in order to make sure that we fully understand what information is being requested.

    All requests are handled using the same process. The Association has adopted the model procedure and templates provided by the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations.

    What happens if I am unhappy with the information provided, or the Association does not respond?

    You can request a review of our decision. If you are still unhappy after this, you can take your case to the Scottish Information Commissioner to ask them to investigate the response.

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