Value for Money

We consulted with you on our Value for Money statement.

The results were approved by our Board of Management and the statement is available to read below. 

Thank you to all of you who gave up your time to complete the survey and approve the statement, your continued involvement is much appreciated. 

Value For Money

Value for Money Statement

Value for Money for Langstane Housing Association means:

  • obtaining the best value for services through tendering
  • not compromising on quality when saving money
  • making general efficiencies wherever we can and reducing costs without affecting tenant services
  • making the most of tenants’ rents by spending wisely on things that matter to tenants
  • keeping rents affordable

How do we demonstrate Value for Money to our tenants and other stakeholders:

  • We ensure that Value for Money remains a priority in our business plan and on a day to day basis
  • We compare the cost of activities with other similar organisations through benchmarking
  • We improve performance and increase satisfaction
  • We review rent affordability on an annual basis and take this into consideration when considering a rent increase
  • We report on the general efficiencies we make to tenants and the Board of Management
  • We operate within the prudent budget set each year