Repair Responsibilities

As your landlord, Langstane are responsible for some repairs and maintenance to your home. As the tenant, you also have some responsibilities for maintaining your home. We have detailed the responsibilities below. 

Where repairs are required to your home due to deliberate damage or neglect, these repairs will be recharged. You can find out more about recharges here. 


Tenants’ repair responsibilities

As a tenant you are responsible for some of the repairs and maintenance to your home.

Inside your home

  • Keep your home in good and clean condition
  • Maintain and renew internal decoration, including cleaning up condensation and mould caused by poorly ventilating or heating your home
  • Avoid waste pipes and toilets becoming blocked, for instance by regularly cleaning shower drains avoiding flushing inappropriate items down toilets, such as wipes.
  • Maintain any internal improvements made by you (please get permission before carrying out improvements to your home)
  • Minor repairs to plaster, including filling minor holes and cracks
  • Look after and replace sink plugs, tap washers, toilets seats and lids
  • Replace lightbulbs (except sealed units)
  • Change fuses
  • Carry out simple heating repairs such as bleeding air from radiators
  • Take action to prevent pipes from freezing in cold weather
  • Repair and maintain internal door and window ironmongery (for instance tightening loose screws)
  • Adjust internal doors after fitting new flooring
  • Test smoke, heat and CO alarms regularly
  • Deal with infestations including mice, wasps and other common pests

Outside your home

  • Maintain exclusive garden areas
  • Repair (including restringing) or replacing exclusive washing lines and rotary driers
  • Maintain dividing fences between you and your neighbour
  • Maintain any external improvements made by you


  • Tenants are responsible for arranging home contents insurance to cover their own possessions

Langstane’s responsibilities

Langstane is responsible for maintaining and repairing the structure, exterior and common parts of your home

Inside the home

  • Maintain and replace gas and electrical heating, and hot water systems
  • Offer alternative heating in cases of complete loss of heat
  • Maintain and replace smoke, CO and heat detectors
  • Maintain and replace fittings provided by Langstane including kitchen fittings, bathroom fittings, windows and doors
  • Maintain and replace electrical wiring systems

Outside the home

  • Maintain and repair external communal areas owned by Langstane including roads and pavements, walls, fences, bin stores, play areas, drying areas and hard and soft landscaping
  • Maintain and repair communal installations provided by Langstane including door entry systems, communal lighting, communal flooring, TV aerials and communal satellite dishes
  • Deal with infestations in communal areas such as mice, wasps or other common pests. The cost may be recharged to a tenant if the source of the infestation is traced back to their property


  • Langstane maintains comprehensive buildings insurance for all our properties.