Your Voice Counts

You can have your say in how we deliver our housing services to you and how we manage your neighbourhood.

Why do you need to get involved?

We want to know what matters to you about your home and your community. We need your views and experiences to help us develop and improve our services

What difference will you make?

By getting involved you will help us to:

  1. Deliver a responsive housing service that is value for money
  2. Make informed decisions on services that matter to our tenants
  3. Involve tenants at the heart of our decision making process

How to Have Your Say

Do you have some time to spare?

Could you review our proposals when we make important changes to our services? Then join our Register of Interested Tenants. We will send you documents to review or send you a questionnaire to complete.

Do you have a few minutes to spare?

Then join our Tenant Panel. We will contact you occasionally about a housing issue. You can choose how we contact you. We will ask you a few questions and give you a chance to tell us what you think.

Help us keep things simple

Have you ever read a letter that doesn’t make sense? Help us make things clearer by joining our Reader Panel. We will send you short printed items such as letters or leaflets for your comments.

Choose how you would like to be involved
  1. Register of Interested Tenants
  2. Tenant Panel
  3. Reader Panel
Choose how you wish to be contacted
  1. Letter
  2. Email
  3. Telephone
  4. Text

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