Report a Repair

When you report a repair to us we will aim to complete the repair in the timescales below:
Emergency repairs - 3 hours to make safe

An emergency repair is a defect or fault that puts the health, safety or security of you or a member of the public at immediate risk or will cause harm to the structure of your property if it is not dealt with immediately.

Examples of emergency repairs are:

  • Complete loss of gas central heating and / or hot water
  • Complete loss of electrical power to the property
  • Plumbing leaks that cannot be controlled or isolated
  • Blocked toilet where there is no other toilet in the property
  • Insecure entrance doors
  • Broken and insecure windows
  • Dangerous electrics
  • Dangerous structures
  • Complete loss of communal / emergency lighting
  • Floods or fires within properties
  • Faulty smoke alarms
  • CO alarm activations

In all of the above examples, where the repair is required because of deliberate damage or negligence, Langstane will recharge the tenant for the repair. If the damage has been reported to the police and a crime number has been obtained (for instance for a broken window) then the tenant will not be recharged (see section on rechargeable repairs for more information).

Urgent repairs - 3 days

An urgent repair is a defect or fault that could cause you serious inconvenience or discomfort if not dealt with but does not pose a danger.

Examples of urgent repairs are:

  • Partial loss of electrical power to the property
  • Partial loss of water to the property
  • Faulty external door locks, handles and door closers (where the property can still be secured)
  • Partial loss of communal lighting
  • Leaking boiler / radiators where the heating is still operational
  • Broken extractor fan
  • Repairs to cooker, fridge or freezer where supplied by Langstane

Routine repairs - 10 days

Routine repairs are repairs that can be deferred for a short time without causing serious inconvenience or discomfort to a tenant.

Examples of routine repairs are:

  • Minor repairs to internal joinery such as kitchen units, worktops, windows frames / catches, floorboards. skirting boards
  • Dripping or leaking taps or showers
  • Running toilet overflow
  • Loose wall tiles and plasterwork
  • Minor roof repairs such as slipped tiles
  • Defective seals to sinks & baths
  • Mechanical extractor repairs where extract is still working
  • Repairs to communal satellite system / TV aerial
  • Repairs to washing machine or tumble drier where supplied by Langstane

Major repairs - 60 days

Major repairs are repairs that require extensive work, are a higher value and will require tendering or are considered too complex to categorise as a responsive repair. Major repairs will be temporarily repaired or made safe where appropriate and then passed to our Major Works team to progress through their annual programme of works. Major repairs are not given a formal timescale but we aim to complete them in 60 days where possible.

Wish list repairs

Where an item is reported that is deemed to be no-essential (for instance staining on render) it will be added to our ‘wish list’. We review the wish list regularly and progress items when we have available budget.

If you have an emergency, please do not use the tool as it may slow down our response - please see our page on dealing with emergencies. If your repair is not an emergency, you can use our online 'report a repair' tool below or call us on 01224 423000.

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