Dealing with Damp and Condensation

Tenants often contact us asking for an appointment with a Property Inspector to check whether their home has a problem with damp.

In almost all cases, issues with mould in a property are caused by condensation.

Condensation can be found in any home and is caused by warm, moist air making contact with cold surfaces, such as windows and walls. Houseplants and flowers, steam from the kitchen and bathroom and even by moisture given off by people (which can be up to a litre in one night alone) all increase the amount of warm, moist air in your home.

It is impossible to prevent all condensation, but you can avoid problems with damp and mould by airing rooms several times a day e.g. morning, afternoon and evening for about twenty minutes. If you turn off the heating during these periods you won’t waste any energy and with regular airing you can watch any condensation problems disappear.

For more information, please see our Condensation Advice Leaflet in the downloads menu or follow this link to the Energy Saving Trust's website for detailed advice.