About your rent

We are a Registered Charity and Registered Social Landlord which means that the money we collect through rents is re-invested in maintaining our properties and providing housing services to our tenants.  Below is a breakdown of how the rent collected is spent:

Paying Your Rent Graphic

Setting your Rent

We review our rents every year with any increase being implemented on 1st April.  If a rent increase is proposed we consult with tenants and provide different options for consideration, setting out clearly what this means. 

When planning any increase we take account of what is needed for the budget, maintenance costs and affordability. We try to keep our rents as affordable as possible. Money collected through rent goes back into maintaining our homes and providing housing services to our tenants.

Service charges are based on the actual cost of the services provided. We tender these contracts regularly to ensure a value for money approach.

Our Board of Management reviews all the feedback from the consultation before making a final decision on any proposed increase.

Following the consultation, we have a duty to give tenants 28 days notice of any rent increase.

Our Rent and Service Charge Setting policy is available on the website.

If you would like to discuss how your rent is set and what your services charges include, please contact us on 01224 423000.