From the 20th April 2022 we are officially re-opening our doors to the public after the pandemic.  Our new opening hours will be between 10am to 3pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  

We are calling our tenants who live on their own, just to check that everything is OK and helping out wherever we can.

If you are on your own or self-isolating and not sure where to turn for help, call us on 01224 423000.  We will help connect you to people out there in our communities that are providing some much needed practical assistance to those in need.

Repairs update

There are some things you can do to help our staff and contractors work safely in your home:

  • Our Customer Advisors will ask a number of Covid questions before booking your repair. Please let us know if you, or a member of your family, has Covid. We will usually postpone your repair until your household is free of the virus. If the repair is an emergency we will send a contractor, who will attend in full PPE
  • We will call on the day of your repair to do a final Covid check before attending your home.
  • Please clear any personal items from in or around the area of the repair
  • Maintain a safe distance from the contractor at all times. It is best if you, your family and any pets can stay in a separate room while the repair is carried out
  • Open windows in your home to allow fresh air to circulate
  • Open doors in your home before the contractor arrives so they don’t have to use door handles
  • Our contractor will wear a face covering while in your home. You can wear one too if you feel safer.